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Time To Leave

Taught young the worldís wisdom / I was told lifeís a game the earth will be your stadium / be alert, pay attention / one day even your friends will become your competition / trust no one but do remember this, never burn any potential bridges / know whoís who and what they can do for you and donít feel bad cause in the end theyíre going to do it to you too / remember lifeís not fair / in order to maintain youíre going to have to let your sensitivity be trained / a machine more than a human being / what you say doesnít have to always be what you mean / tell them what they want to hear if itís to your benefit / and words behind closed doors are insignificant / push yourself never be satisfied / even if you donít get it at least youíll die knowing you tried /

Chorus (x3)

Born , live , strive, succeed / gain it all, bye, now itís time to leave Ö /

now all we see is now / gain it all, now itís time itís time

taught young the worldís wisdom / begin to pay attention and make my own observations / all of these kids working hard for admiration / doing their best not to meet their social exporation / kind of hard in a world this finneky / easily praised and yet destroyed just as quickly / I guess me and the planet must not be compatible , cause I donít want itís approval to feel valuable / so whoís next to climb the wall of success just to see how good the top truly gets / chasing lies, disguised as going somewhere only to arrive and realize itís really no where / thatís even if you get there in the first place / what an incredible letdown weíre bound to face when we substitute the purpose for cheap counterfeit / too busy trying to succeed in life that we forget to live it /

Chorus x3

but now all we see is now / gain it all and now itís time itís time

you can live in the infinite or give in to the immediate / gain it all but one day youíll have to leave it / this world is temporary and itís heart is selfish / think for yourself is this what wealth is / but now all we see is now and now is not a bad thing but now does bring tomorrow then / now becomes then / moments escape new ones replace them / donít want to face the end still searching / asking what in this world did I ever find worth in / what could be worse than a life of wasted years / nothing lasting, nothing true, nothing dear / I fear losing beauty in pursuit of bigger things / I fear a broken home courtesy of the American dream / maybe thatís just me with my emotions on my sleeve, but one way or another we all wear what we believe /

Chorus (x3)

Born , live, strive, succeed / gain it all, bye, now itís time to leaveÖ/ but now, weíre wasting now