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Thank You

give the band a round of applause join the cause as me and manchild flap our jaws and rap raw got to be optimistic we twist it different your paradigm is shifted and it's positively terrific audibly we flipped it awkwardly how do we did it done it dang it or do i mean do it keep it fluid lets move it i make people music music sweet music every now and then you have to renew it still the formula stays the same we just like to mix the elements and watch them rearrange because change is good it keeps perspective keen but trying to be different don't really mean that you're doing anything that hasn't been done still the style is identical to none


oh yes and the band plays on every where we go it's the same old song see i know there's really nothing new under the sun but yet i want to do it like it's never been done i'm not even sure what's next i'll let my thoughts collect and do my best to connect without begging for your respect or maybe just a little what the heck enter in a new mindset yep fresh water gets the mind wet are we there yet on point yet all that i am all that i can until there's nothing left , (othello) my gift of gab is sort of sweet a summer nights dream, capture the elaborate colors that life brings point a vivid picture put the pieces in their places aint many saving a through z to make their statements to get your point across in 8 bars is a task to make them wanna hear more of your point of views advanced were up untill all hours of the night dropping the science that drives us in life, christ and opportunities to rock the mic


manchild's verse* (chorus)

*Sorry -Manchild never turned his verse in!