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Itís one of those moments in life when you feel incapable I tried to hide but the feelings inside are sort of inescapable and everything that iíve become suddenly feels replaceable and now Iím left in my inadequacy you get the point all my goals seem out of reach and unattainable your thoughts get lost in the shuffle and become unexplainable no words to match the emotion that Iím roller-coasting on just feelings of devotion and hope that someday soon theyíll be gone.

I know lessons are learned through perseverance and I know I grow when I can adhere to this itís just hard sometimes to keep yourself a good perspective but God controls the hands of time and when the time is right iíll be perfected

Even when what lies ahead seems so unbearable Godís grace is still so remarkable yeah I can face any day with a faith that exceeds time and space Lord give me the strength to change the pace cuz iíve been burning on energy that was meant to be directed differently no wonder we find ourselves empty worn out and burned out with how things have turned out weíve learned how to cope but this whole thing is broke down and not working typical earthling searching for a system a coping mechanism listen weíre not meant to carry the load or bear these burdens on our own Iím tired of living in survival mode Iím gonna give it up and let it go.


Give me some sunshine to clear my mind and in the meantime I know that I'm gonna be just fine (x4)