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So Glad

Yeah let's get things off and running all my people look so stunning Iím so glad that you can make it tonight looks like we got a packed house weíre gonna have to rip the back out Iím so glad that you can make it tonight you feel that energy building the atmosphere is so appealing Iím so glad that you can make it tonight you can be yourself if youíre willing itís such a beautiful feeling Iím so glad Iím so glad Iím so glad

Do you want a little more well alright Iím feeling you do you want to make the most out of life Iím feeling you are you bored of the same old night Iím feeling you each day same day so long goodbye Iím not feeling you

Are you feeling into it yes are you feeling interested well meet me at the show seating is unlimited never know whatís gonna happen Mr. Zappinís got big ideas life goes by in the blink of an eye we're gonna take it for all it is thatís just the way it is since the beginning weíve been sending signals out in hopes to contact those who are low and show signs of fear and doubt make believers out of skeptics you bet it gets hectic but heck if you get it like suggested then I guess itís worth all the work invested just to see you connected.


One two three four get yourself on the dance floor five six seven eight everybody participate nine ten eleven twelve o'clock and all is well you've got to inhale nice and slow now exhale and let it go weíre way into the a.m. And we ainít got no place to be right here right now so let me feel your energy let's do it so run away with it no where to go so stay with it find your rhythm and sway with it donít act like you werenít made for it