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Rest Easy

age ten I began to understand/ that throughout life there would be no end to strugglin'/ but then again what can you comprehend/ with no one to trust or on whom I could depend/ but here I am now stand an adult/ I gotta be responsible and it is my fault/ for my present situation/ even though I wasn't taught on how to handle what I'm facin'/ I'm gonna make it happen/ bump procrastination today is now so nows become my destination/ waitin' on the voice of God for where to go and/ I'll put my hope in you I'll say to no man


rest easy easy I say I say whom shall I fear

are you too good for this what makes you the better man/ one moment as the other man would change that whatever man mentality/ let's see all sides of reality so what's your take on normality/ cuz I don't see what you see and you don't see as I do/ what might be the norm for me is abnormal to you/ so I won't front to know all because only God does/ but I do know where I've been what I've seen and who I was/ and who I am now and on the path that I'm headed/ with so much to be proud of but yet so much I've regretted/ but yet n' still yahweh you fulfill where I lack/ put me on the right track and tell me never look back

long awaited and much anticipated/ is the day when I can look back and thank the good lord that I made it/ but then I think to myself what is really makin' it/ what's my level of success and who's the one ratin' it/ see I don't want to live life just waitin' to go/ nah I want to live well excel and grow I'm sayin' though/ I want to live life to the fullest why some wait and vegetate I state nonsense that's foolish/ see through the years I've now come to understand that no one can make it happen better for me than God can/ so I'll wait on no man only you God/ I'll hide nothin cuz you can see through me fascade/ so no since in frontin' I come as I am/ even though the world doesn't yahweh you understand/ so I'll give you all every aspect n' element happy occasions to the waste of time spent/ lookin' for substance anything to fill/ the void of guidance that's only found in your will for me/ so willfully I give in and in return I now have a reason for livin'