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There's Only Forgiveness

Now itís in my head cuz theyíre one step ahead itís under my skin cuz itís a little too thin and itís in my heart just to tear me apart now youíre feeding off the aggression misery loves company and twisted forms of affection meet the human heart where hostility lives sometimes revenge feels so good that I donít want to forgive and oh no thus the cycle continues itís an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth until theyíre all loose and youíre bitter and blind and numb you bark but canít bite because youíre all gums and is justice ever done are you ever satisfied was it about justification or about pride stay away from the truth it might teach you things you donít like my insecurity is out to prove that Iím right.

I donít want your apologies I donít want restitution I want to hear youíre wrong but I donít want resolutions I want justice but I donít care for peace I donít want to be bound but I donít choose to be free I want for you what I feel inside of me and as soon as I know what that is Iíll share willingly.

It seems like it should be simpler but the human condition runs from wisdom and weíre not as bright as we give ourselves credit we repeat the same mistakes before we can regret it I tried to let it go but it held me in place thereís something better but I donít like the taste bitterness is easier to swallow than the sting of grace memories can be neglected but impossible to erase they reappear in different ways and most of the time weíre not even sure of what it is that we hate we just follow our feelings into an unhealthy state of being with no plans of leaving.


If I let this go then itís all in the past and if I hold onto it I still have something to grasp what would we do if we had nothing to fight about out of the abundance of our heart we can run our mouths and tear each other apart and inflict pain and grief humanity wouldnít know what to do if we had world peace so you can take the sign in your front lawn down itís a nice gesture but mankind likes to go to war itís in our fallen nature neighbors nations corporations races insecurity and hurt works well with retaliation but donít woory it will be your turn soon so plot your revenge as you clean your knife wound and I forgive you is not and option itís too uncomfortable itís much easier to be miserable than vulnerable you can save that for the weak and the religious but there is no justice or no peace thereís only forgiveness