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trained to fail before I could walk/ now I'm undoin 20 years of lies I've been taught not always easy to let the past be forgot/ when memories keep you caught/ let's travel back nah hold up stop why/ cuz if I dwell on the past I give focus to who I'm not/ I strive to stay away but that's not easy/ when who I was wants to control my destiny testin' me man it's got me trippin' it's in these moments of despair I feel my foundation slippin' my insides rippin leavin' me broken now I'm completely confused and I'm vunlerable and open I try to run but who am I runnin' from/ see from within myself this battle has come so basically you say it's up to me/ cuz I'm my greatest ally or my worst enemy


I stepped out of my body to let God slide in/ although I'm still dressed in flesh that I spiritually died in/ alive in Christ a new creation started breathin/ life exists and through this came completion


Get your mind body n soul under control- who am I identify who are you all is new

I feel like my soul keeps challengin' my spirit and my spirit keeps challengin' my soul whichever one I choose to excercise the most will be the one to obtain control/ I feel I got multi-personalities, I dabble in multi-mentalities/ my own thoughts hold me captive in a world of confusion as the manipulation increases gradually/ now if a lie's placed before me and I buy into it then am I responsible for the deception/ if I know acceptance and then I don't take hold who's to blame for these feelings of rejection I bring these feelings of confusion I challenge all that my heart believes/ I'm the one that drags my past up from the grave telllin' myself I won't succeed/


I'm not that person anymore that's what blood was shed for no longer a failure livin' life more abundantly therefore you'll never see me livin' less than victory (Repeat 4x)