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I screamed to God out of frustration after another day of waking

And hating the fact that Iím still where Iím at

Whatís the point of all of this cuz Iím not seeming to find it - is it meaningless

I search the reason behind it because these moments seem to drag on forever

And these years on end seem to have never been

This desperation has formed repetition within

Too insecure to pretend and Iím too weak to defend

Here it comes again all in my world again

left with no direction no beginning no end

The days blend together and the weather never changes

Numb to the outcome but yet not quite painless

Aimless to whether or not I made a mistake and if so how far is too far before itís too late

Should I wait but then what would be too long to reverse the effects if I was wrong.


Hindsight is a beautiful thing when you can look back and see what patience and time can bring

Is it a must that Iím here, is it a must that I stay in order to look forward - must I look away

Weíre moving towards a new day unsure of what tomorrow will bring our way

Iím not even quite sure of what this day holds,

I say we travel the unknown and watch it unfold

Hold today close while still reaching for tomorrow through the test of time Iíve seen joy overcome sorrow

so with every trial I endure With hopes to mature into what I was created for

more than life itself I want life itself to press past the present until forever is felt

and take hold of the hidden mystery

Wide-eyed and open I now see differently,

if itís so to be then give me the strength to be content

And find peace in knowing one day it will all make sense

Learning to accept the unexpected because the unknown wasnít here for me to correct it

So I let it go and stopped trying to control the impossible

Simply put tossed in the shuffle at a young age just like everyone else

So I donít feel sorry for you or for myself

Love is bigger than that and Iím not below or above the way it moves

Even though the things it does to my train of thought can bring about doubt and uncertainty

Patience tends to not agree with my psyche Ė thatís more than likely just some pride in me

Fighting expectations of where I think my life should be selfishly

I forget so quickly let me never forget Lord break me in humility

Some sort of amazing grace on me as I look back upon my life and where youíve taken me

Hear the call Ė peace fall

from trial to triumph

I want your hand in it all

Allow me to know where to stand in it all

life giver