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Hello Ego

hello there ego why it's a displeasure to meet ya/ to be honest bro I really don't know how to treat ya/ greet ya with a pound but you want more than dap/ and to be honest I really don't know how to act/ I hear the blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah/ man I watch your ego spoil for thinkin' you're fresher than all else/ face full of perspiration from sweatin' yourself/ lettin' yourself act like a fool man look/ I don't care about your personalized hip-hop rule book/ took another man's thoughts on rules for the microphone/ how can I respect your opinion when it's not your own/ known fact you have an ego you need to lose it/ cuz if you're so real why you tryin' so hard to prove it/ it should just be and if it is then we don't need a constant reminder that you're the dopest mc


so you're the illest-so you're the dopest/ so you're the slickest man why you tellin' me this in one ear and out the next all I keep on hearin' is blah blah blah...........

hello there ego can I call you out for what you are/ John Doe status but you're fronting superstar/ more like super far from reality/ but I guess it's trendy to make it look like actuality/ now let me see too many claim where they want to be and not where they're at/ I'll call your front and all those who got your back/ let it be known clone mimicks nah you won't last/ you don't have a future cuz you didn't have a past/ so in the present please don't get perturbed/ If I pay no attention to you and your pointless idle words/ cuz time is precious and I have better things to do/ than waste my energy on hearin' you brag about you/ recyclin' hip-hop the same old same old/ how you're so fresh and all else is stale n' old, it's getting old plus man I've heard it all before/ pointless verses covered up in metaphors/ now catchin' rec is one thing that's cool to express/ but there's only so many ways that you can tell me you're the best