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I Haven't Been Myself


Iím not alright I havenít been myself lately / Iím not ok with the way Iíve let my thoughts overtake / take me away to the place I should have gone / I hope Iím not here for long / Iíll see you when Iím better /

itís got to get worse to get better / it went from no way never to okay whatever / slowly but surely and sure is / blurry now things that once were me are no longer / every so often God reminds me / but Iím always there in front to blind me / I value my pride more than peace of mind / my precious pride / there was a time when I had control but I let go / I watched the world passiní slowmo / my lifeís ahead of me / I canít catch up / stuck in a rut / I went to willingly / these thoughts are killing me / I wish I could control myself but I canít / or can I / man Iím gone / I hope Iím not here for long / itís just a visit / ashamed of who Iíve become / itís not really me / or is it?! /


thoughts lead to emotion which led to action / I hate the fact that it happened / ďthe lord can forgive and forgetĒ / but Iím not able to do it / maybe there is where the problem lies / Iím unable to forgive myself plus Iím too proud to ask for help, whelp, sorry for who Iíve become / I guess circumstances can leave you numb / plus I refused accountability / it seemed like such small things you found in me / I called you secluded and illuded to the fact that your concerns were silly / donít over-react / now looking back in hindsight, Iím able to see that you were right / is it too late for me / I know itís not / itís just up to me to choose to stop

Chorus (x3)