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Gather In

who's that knockin' I John Reuben on behalf of the forgotten/ have stopped in to keep it in your memory/ tight n' locked in/ remember me 240lb from back then/ a way back a why what who where when/ well two decades in the makin' take it all in/ from the get of my life I felt drawn in/ not many could see quite what I saw then/ a young kid freestylin' in study hall in/ way before I hit the microphone brawlin'/ way before I ever thought of yes yallin'/ I knew to get live was part of my callin'/ I had a fresh vibe on all fours crawlin'


you gather n git down you gather n git down/ got to bring the sound/ got to bring the monumental sound

so much energy so much force/ move into the rhythm rock until my voice gets hoarse/ now where did that come from what's the source/ ya'll feelin me yet bet let's set the course/ and get the blood circulation/ when the beat starts breakin' the people start shakin' and I start communication are you feelin' me yet/ God-given inspiration got me in imagination/ and it's real to me bet bet bet better than best fresher than fresh man hot to def from right to left/ keep your hands up in the air a say what/ keep your hands up a say what say what I John Reuben on behalf of the forgotten/ have stopped in the buildin'/ give me a room full of hyperactive children/ forget the ritalin man I want it rowdy come on n' crowd me I choose to use my voice loudly/ shall we get down immediately/ how we get down pure personality/ most definetely fresh as can be the best in me the proper recipe for pure energy now what the see we rockin' steadily incredible melody motivated from the animated side tellin' me compellin' me to rock/ and yo the track is hot and I'm ready to get live even if you're not just pick out the spot and bring them on in/ party people get down why the turntables spin/ after it's done my man will do it up again cuz I'm sure by then we'll have a second wind