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Freedom To Feel

Step away keep your distance I canít be what you want me to be and right now there are things inside that I donít want you to see / so take your personal spotlight and shine it on someone else for a while / I canít force a happy face to make-shift you a smile / I canít deny what I see, what I feel and whatís in front of me / so take your world of precious moments and make-believe / that never made me believe in anything and left me with nothing to hold onto / your quick fix and magic tricks could only disguise what I was going through / and now Iím thinking it was when it wasnít / and now Iím trying to rationalize what just doesnít come together and somehow doesnít make sense but God how can I convince them when Iím not even convinced /


everybodyís thinking it but nobodyís saying it / everybodyís saying it but nobodyís feeling it / everbodyís feeling it but nobodyís seeing it / so tell me how am I supposed to know whatís real

false sense of happiness / is my security wrapped up in this / these control freaks seek out who they can brainwash and make activists / theyíd rather have me lie than bring their [my] failure to the light / keep your secrets to yourself itís not about you but them looking right / no time to be ugly / donít trouble them with your doubts and fears / shout for joy little boys and girls your brokenness ainít welcome here / well excuse me while I bleed through and my life becomes see through / donít ask for transparency by reject what you see into /


So please can somebody tell me how Iím supposed to know whatís real when I was told and controlled how to feel (x2) / Jesus, please tell me how are they gonna know youíre real when they are controlled and told how to feel (x2) /