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Draw Near

God of creation here I stand/ I've left Babylon to find out who I am/ I've traveled I've struggled I've failed in vain/ my own ability will never see eternal gain/ God of creation it's you whom I seek/ Lord I feel strapped n tied down and my strength is weak/ oh Lord when I cry out please hear what I speak/ bring life to my body awaken this sleep


death whispers words of defeat in my ear/ my God I draw near my God I draw near

when all vanishes and I stand in this place to face the truth for what it is/ with no human escape to hide behind just my soul n God and I find it mind blowing knowing that humanity and a mere mortal like me/ can have my slate cleaned of mistakes and the chance to put on immortality/ even though darkness has hardened us in deception and spoken otherwise man I refuse to take in that nonsense and I refuse to buy into these lies/ these lies of pain these lies of shame these lies of complete disfunction/ this lie of hopelessness that will make a person feel like there nothin'/ this lie that will make me feel like my struggle is one too much to fix'n/ isn't that what darkenss wants for me to play the role of a victim/ but I'm a child of light no longer bound by slavery/ I say oh death where is your sting/ and oh hades where is your victory?