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Do Not

To teach his own correct then don't select my flavor/ I see them in the back critiquin' my behavior/ tryin' to take create n' shape me to fit his mold yellin' out sellout but maybe he wasn't told/ so let me tell his shallow mind why we do what we do/ I create for the creator and not to impress you/ I'll challenge your thinkin' but not to test you/ you might not like me, I'll still say God bless you/ and address the issue it's all love n' respect and honestly I don't think that's too much to expect/ but too many times your shallow mind will keep you caught/ you can't escape your thinkin' all you've ever been taught/ is that you walk this way/ you talk this way/ you front this way/ you pose this way/ you act this way/ na, na that's not me/ I got to be who God created me to be


do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock

why is it as humans we cling on to only what we've known/ never expanding and stepping out our comfort zone/ we walk alone and then roam in ignorance/ then turn back around and use it as a defense/ for shallowness this seems to be a concern/ cuz not knowin' is an excuse for those unwillin' to learn/ do not stereotype the individual/ cuz what you hear in your stereo is not the typical/ stereoypes get broken when I'm provokin'/ new levels of thought that will leave your shallow mind open/ cats approachin' me without lack or clue/ I understand though bro, see someone's been training you/ to think like you think and act like you do/ its' getting not like it should have ever been new/ but as long as shallowness exists I shall persist/ to rip apart the structure and expose the nucleus/ as long as shallowness exists I shall persist to rip apart the whole structure and expose it for what it is/ lack of understanding lack of communication/ lack of a desire for expanding education/ lack of inspiration lack of innovation the fact you can't respect another mans creaiton/ lack of motiviation lack of restoration/ the fact we lack unity and enjoy separation/ lack of destination because you know what I feel/ I feel that humans lack the ability to be real


do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock/ original material my crew nonstop/ we're keepin' it fly will turn it out/ ya'll feel me on that? no doubt!