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Divine Inspiration

Ladies and gentlemen, boys n' girlies/ from upperclass America to minimum wage employees/ where ever you are where ever you at/ from Colombus, Ohio to your point on the map/ it's that kid John Reuben miccheckin' 1-2n'/ watchin' mcs get the boot when they claim to be the shoe in/ nothing new everybody wants to be a superstar mc/ as for me I find better things in which to place my energy/ diverse family where up n' atom full fasion/ been locked up in the lab mixin' up this contraption/ smackin' the mic with verbs n' nouns of life/ i utilize my time right to hold down n' keep it tight/ and any cipher I step through/ yeshua equals life so I dont seperate the two/ true peace n' joy one love to the connector illuminate you town as we hit your sector


everywhere we rock everywhere we go every type of thought every type of show we got divine inspiration

well let me come into the track yes ya'll bring it on back yes ya'll one time for the mental piece release mos def John Reuben will decrease christ increased lyrics hit your soul direct blow how we communicate graf, dj and brake take a minute n' listen dissect the intuition more than ear candy but i dwell in submission to heavenly powers hours on end i spend lookin' for creative combinations to blend now that's a good combination that's a good combination like dots I connect my rhymes to this spot, warp speed like I'm trekky to bangs heads of block and rock and petrify combust with mad rush, more cool than that j to bring that cold crush/ transcend running thru this whole scheme and scene with raps stamped fresh with more ultra to the v/ clutching microphones and roaming thru zones, with melodies I lyric abassadors thru vocal tones/ shooting missles from the lab I contract bust verbal raps, ripping soaring thru the air soilling into laps/ I douse lyricals with divine divinity, to rise above the norm of mediocre plain mc's/ let me introdice cause I feel I'm rev'd and heated, form the state of mass destruct mc's like they never existed/ seeing stars like I'm spangle in your banner Christian manner, b-boy for Christ roaring like I'm Judah.