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All In All

Chorus (x2)

All I want to be / ďall in all, all I want to beĒ / all in all, all I know to be / all I can hope to be / ďall in all, all I hope to be / so that my prayer is that the all in all becomes all of me /

Early in the a.m. a new dayís in / Iím in my bed still laying / I think Iím gonna stay in / Iíve got to get motivation for what Iím facing / this world is heavy / I feel my weight bend / pressure to measure up but Iím nothing special / I feel like an amateur in a world of professionals / and I know man nobodyís a pro man some keep their heads high, some hang their heads low and Iím trying to find and hang mine in the right place / letting my weakness become your strength / Iím taking each day as it comes / making each one new one / Iím starting over with the rise of the sun / embracing life this time determined to do it right / despite a past that wants to dictate what my future looks like / well hey, I know that everything happens for a reason / Iím holding onto what I believe in /

Chorus (x2) all I want to beÖ /

the truth is humbling but also freeing / yeah, brought to a spot of brutal honesty / sometimes I feel like all Iíve got is a pen and a paper / the chance to be honest and hope in a savior / for a while it was hard to accept it / you see stereo-types and religion killed my perspective / so many questions aimlessly directed / I looked to myself to try and correct it / now, thatís and expectation that I shouldnít expect / thatís a goal that I shouldnít have set / desire, died and all thatís left was frustration as well as an unhealthy self examination / I analyzed all to the point of psychological torment still found no answers in my search for it / some where in all this I started to realize I was looking to myself and things I couldnít provide/

Chorus (x2) all I can hope to beÖ